Natural Pitted green olives Halkidiki variety

Natural brine: water, sea salt, lactic and citric acid

The taste characteristics of the pitted olives from Halkidiki prove the premium quality of ANTHES & MARIA’s olives. The meat of these olives remains firm, the flavour is balanced, moderately salty, milky.

Pitted olives are particularly suitable for consumption by children.

They can be served as an appetizer, stuffed with blue cheese, almonds, spicy peppers.

Nutrition facts per 100 gr olives

Energy 162 kcal/ 679kJ
Total fats 14,13
of which saturated 2,01
Carbohydrates 0,05
of which sugars 0,0
Fibre 1,25
Protein 1,03
Salt 4,65

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