Green Monastery olives from Halkidiki - with oregano and vinegar

In sea salt brine with oregano from Mount Athos and organic vinegar, lemon, bay leaves, extra virgin olive oil, citric acid.

Olives of unique taste, picked by hand. The bitterness was removed in natural traditional way without any chemical processing.

Harvested and produced by Ormylia Convent to the Simonopetra Holy Monastery Mount Athos.

The oregano that is used is from Mount Athos. This is a wild herb that grow at relatively high places. Dried in Ormylia, Halkidiki, in a completely natural way. Crushed and sieved manually. Oregano is a particularly aromatic herb with a high content of essential oils.

Packed in glass jar -  360 gr

Nutrition facts per 100 gr olives

Energy 164 kcal/ 678 kJ
Total fats 15,2
of which saturated 2,5
Carbohydrates 5,4
of which sugars 0,8
Protein 1,4
Salt 3,8

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