Kalamon variety olives - from Halkidiki

Natural brine: water, sea salt, vinegar

Kalamon olives wear the crown of a superior variety. They have a specific elongated, almond-like shape, radiant surface, thick fleshy body, rich color shade crimson-purple-dark brown. Because of its kind in Greece call this olive more "small nail." Traditionally grown in the region of Messinia (formerly known as Kalamata), hence the other name that is known around the world. When planted in Halkidiki this olive variety grows well and developes its great flavour, thanks to the rich alluvial soil and specific microclimate with characteristic atmospheric moisture and mild winters in this part of Greece. The fruits ripen from mid-November to early January, which is the late autumn to mid-winter.

Due to the salty-spicy-rich taste, Kalamon olives are recommended for dishes with Feta cheese. They emphasize the flavor of the whole Mediterranean cuisine. Besides being a delight for direct consumption, Kalamon olives are particularly suitable for salads, appetizers, sandwiches, pizza, pasta, rice dishes and white meats.

Nutrition facts per 100 gr olives

Energy 205 kcal/ 859kJ
Total fats 22,88
of which saturated 3,24
Carbohydrates 3,65
of which sugars 1,12
Fibre 3,83
Protein 1,62
Salt 4,51


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