Anthes & Maria olives - 100% natural and healthy Greek olives in own brine

Our company ANTHES & MARIA disposes with 240 acres own and 600 acres cooperative grown olive gardens in the region of ‚Äč‚ÄčOrmilia, Halkidiki peninsula, Greece. The uniqueness of the olives named ANTHES & MARIA is determined by the specific climate with typical breeze which is favorable to the olive groves that thrive here for thousand years. Alluvial soil is rich in iron, manganese, calcium, boron and magnesium and strongly influences the quality and nutrient composition of the fruits. Here each olive tree has a name and is cared for as a favorite own child! The necessary conditions so that the inherent beneficial properties of olives occur and persist are being observed and controlled. This activity is supported by a specialized, modern laboratory. It provides timely analysis and control at every stage of cultivation - from planting of any new olive tree to the processing of the olive production.

The original technology of processing targets ecological and healthy channeling of the natural biochemical processes in the fruits. The olives curing in natural brine lasts from 4 to 12 months, during which time they ferment, change their flavours and the phytonutrient content. Their natural (maternal) brine can be used directly for cooking of each dish in every cuisine.